Cheers! It’s Divine Chocolate at 20!
POSTED 1st July 2019

Celebrate Divine’s 20 years leading change in the chocolate industry with its new ‘gin & tonic’ bar

Divine Chocolate, the international Fairtrade company co-owned by farmers, is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. The brand, synonymous with premium ethical chocolate, has brought out a Gin & Tonic inspired confection to delight chocolate lovers everywhere and mark 20 years of #doingbusinessdifferently.

The new Smooth Dark 70% with Lemon & Juniper bar invites everyone to raise a glass and join in the celebration! This unique flavour combination, with its distinctive juniper tang and zesty citrus, is yet another example of Divine Chocolate’s reputation for innovative chocolate bars. The focus on flavour has seen an array of new sharing bars released in the last year including aromatic combinations such as spicy ginger and turmeric, and juicy blueberry with popped quinoa.

Here’s what members of the Craft Gin Club had to say about the new bar:

  • “The first gin chocolate that has the right balance and after taste”
  • “A taste sensation”
  • “An excellent after-dinner taste”
  • “This chocolate was as it says on the brand – Divine. The lemon and juniper flavour was stunning”
  • “Outstanding dark chocolate. Really complimented by juniper and lemon”

Sophi Tranchell, Divine Chocolate’s CEO, says: “Our company vision is a world where chocolate is celebrated and cherished by everyone. Over the last 20 years we have slowly but surely seen this vision starting to be realised – Divine has led the way in raising awareness of the farmers behind one of the world’s favourite treats and ensuring they get to share more of the wealth it creates.

“We are proud of many things about being 20 – not least that we are not just surviving, but thriving, when many people back in 1999 thought we were “a great idea, that could never work!” – and also to have helped create a new generation of chocolate lovers who are both cherishing chocolate more and leading the demand for a better deal for farmers.”

“We wouldn’t have got here without really delighting people with our chocolate! Our Smooth Dark with Lemon & Juniper bar has been specially crafted to intrigue chocolate explorers who are always on the look-out for new and exciting flavours. The bar is also Vegan Society certified and reflects the growing desire for more healthful high cocoa treats.“

Divine Lemon and Juniper is available in Waitrose (from July 2019), Ocado, Oxfam stores and all good independent retailers nationwide.

Divine’s success owes a lot to people enjoying the brand and loving to get involved. This year is no exception so look out for all the ways Divine will be celebrating all things chocolate over the next 6 months and inviting fans and chocolate lovers everywhere to take part in the #20Divine Years celebrations online. We’ll be asking them to share their secret chocolate confessions, to show us their amazing baking skills with a birthday bake competition and to get creative with designing their own Divine bar flavour.